20 Jun 2009

Cherish Hobbits's Simple Pleasures - Crafting

Gandalf the Grey by Geek Central Station

Hobbits are known for being fairly good crafters , fond of nature, peace, and are usually very quiet beings . They tend to be, not necessarily lazy, but not hasty in their daily lives. They simply do take time to get from one place to another, or to complete a project, believing that "good things come to those that are willing to wait for them" Let me share with you some of the fantastic crafts made my Tolkien's fans.

The Wich King by Geek Central Station

You will like the work of Geek Central Station, the whole handmade Fellowship of the Rings is just so fantastic , have a look at it HERE

Gollum as seen in The TOLKIEN CRAFT GROUP on Flickr

The Hobbit Socks SueJG made these fantastic Hobbit socks, based on the runic cover design of the classic hardcover.

Rivendell Forest moss pendant necklace from the MiddleEarths's Shop on Etsy which is simply magical with the most fantastic little jewels inspired by Tolkien's stories.

So as you can see from only few examples Tolkien's fans do not only read and love his books but they are making them come alive through the ancient art of crating which is something Hobbits just love to do. As a matter of fact I adore crafting so expect more Middle-earth inspired crafts soon on Once Upon A Hobbit.