16 Jun 2009

Funny Hobbit Toes

"Their feet had tough leathery soles and were clad in a thick curling hair, much like the hair on their heads, which was commonly brown."
(J.R.R.Tolkien - Concerning Hobbits)

I always knew I was a Hobbit, since a very early age I refused stubbornly to wear shoes . Often I would wait for the adults around to get distracted and took shoes and socks off with a big smile on my face. To be perfectly honest my feet are not very Hobbitish at all in the sense that they are not hairy, but they are allergic to shoes. As a matter of fact I am not wearing any shoes as I am writing this entry, nor I was this morning when I walked happily on the fresh grass in my garden, I can fully understand why Hobbit dislike shoes so much.Hobbits always have curly hair, both on the top of their heads and on their feet. Their foot-hair is coarser than their head-hair and allows them to walk comfortably without shoes...I wonder if there is a way to grow hair on the feet.

While I am in the process of making my Frodo costume I am yet to decide how to tackle the challenge of Frodo's feet, so I went back and some some research about the prosthetic feet that were used on The Lord of the Rings movies.Over 2,200 pairs of ' Hobbit feet' were made by the incredibly talented people at WETA WORKSHOP from Wellington, New Zealand. To describe the awesomeness of the work these guys are doing would take forever so have a look at their web site, it is just amazing and there is nothing they cannot do. Winners of several awards , including Oscars, they are now working on THE HOBBIT movie, I can foreseen an other Oscar going their way to be honest, mind my words ;). I just received news that Guillermo del Toro will be tomorrow 6-8PM at the Weta Workshop in Wellington to meet with fans (lucky New Zealanders Hobbits), can someone attending grab a pair of Hobbit Feet and sent it to me via Shire Mail, please?

(Emergency Hobbit Feet)