27 Jun 2009

Happy Melodies from Middle-Earth

Salutations my dear Hobbits. So as you do, I was researching on Hobbitish things when I stumbled across a website. I was trying to find some references to Hobbit music and I found a not very well known record by Kim Skovbye called THERE AND BACK AGAIN. Kim Skovbye is a composer, songwriter and poet. Born in Copenhagen in 1955, he grew up in a home frequented by artists. The Celtic harp is his main instrument, but as a true he also knows how to handle the guitar, violin, bouzouki, mandolin, flutes, cello, dulcimer and keyboards. In 1997 Kim released the album 'There and back again', and as Tolkien lovers will know, this title is the subtitle of Tolkiens 'The Hobbit'. The music describes the journey of Bilbo, the hobbit that reluctantly goes on a quest and proves himself able to overcome the obstacles facing him. The release of this album led to visits in Oxford, England where Kim played in concert at a festival of the Tolkien Society. He was also invited to a tea party in the garden of Priscilla Tolkien, daughter of J.R.R. Tolkien. I think he deserve much more attention that what he has at the moment. THERE AND BACK AGAIN is absolutely fantastic.

THERE AND BACK AGAIN songs's samples can be heard on the FONIXMUSIK website, not to be missed, a little musical treasure, enjoy a melodic journey through Middle-earth today.