11 Jun 2009

Hobbitmania sufferers - some useful advice

J.R.R. Tolkien is the greatest fantasy writer ever to have lived, the father of the genre. He is also the creator of two of the most silly diseases known to man : Tolkienemania or, like in my case, Hobbitmania. Such diseases can be described as:

Transmitted through reading, although it can be also cough through movies, computer games and music. Symptoms might include loss of appetite, refuse to appear for meals at first. Eyes will appear glazed. Sufferers may turn violent or experience panic attacks should their book be lost or stolen. In the later and more serious stages of the disease, patients will loose the glazed look to be replaced with an absolute conviction they are in fact hobbits in all but sizes. They will therefore start wearing hobbit clothes, curl their hair and wear no shoes. This and a bulging rucksack in which they will store multiple copies of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit with which they will try to infect others.Often sufferers will run blogs or/and web pages . No known cure exist.

What is that makes Hobbits and Tolkien's work so appealing to me? Even today scholars are debating on the *uniqueness* of Tolkien. Personally I can read The Lord of the Rings and still feel like I did the first time I opened the book when I was eleven years old. It's moving, it's all and it's for always letting me be in my favorite place , Middle-earth and especially the Shire. There are probably no short answers to why we enjoy Tolkien so much but the fact that is read today even more avidly then when it was first published and it's been translated in all languages known to man, suggest that this story is universal and transcend cultures and time.

This is my personal journey through Middle-earth which I want to dedicate to the memory of J.R.R. Tolkien and to all those that, like me, suffer from this fantastic and unique disease.