14 Jun 2009

Pick me! Pick me!

C'mon...be honest, who in the right state of mind would refuse the role of Bilbo Baggins if such part was offered to him. Several names are floating around Middle-earth (and the Internet), a few candidates like Ewan McGregor and James McAvoy are seen as potential Bilbos and fans of the upcoming movies are fueling speculations, however just last night during a press release in London for an other movie James McAvoy told reporters such speculations on the Internet do not have any foundation, well shame because I personally think he would be the 'perfect' Bilbo Baggins, however not all hope is lost as we also know that Guillermo del Toro has narrowed down the list of possible candidates to 4 actors but none of them have been as yet approached and offered the part. So keep your fingers crossed my dear Hobbits...one thing is for sure, whoever gets this great role will give us the best performance of his life, it does not happen every day to be able to be the greatest Hobbit that ever set (hairy) foot in Middle-earth.

Meanwhile Sir Christopher Lee, who played Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, had at first been keen to reprise that role but then decided against it because of all the travelling involved and instead offered to stay in England and provide the voice of the dragon Smaug.