13 Jun 2009

Rise, Sir Saruman !

It was about time! (He is 87 years old) Christopher Lee once said: " To be a legend, you've either got to be dead or excessively old!" was finally knighted in Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday Honour List yesterday. Having appeared in some two hundred and fifty-five movies and television production . It is well known that the role of Saruman remains probably one of his favourites as even today he recalls the delight in accepting the part when Peter Jackson contacted him.

He said about his role of Saruman and about Tolkien's books:

"Although I always hoped that this film would one day be made, it is a mighty saga, a huge canvas, and I always supposed that it would prove too daunting for any director. Then Peter Jackson undertook the task, asked me to play Saruman and my dream came true!"

"I read The Hobbit first and then I read all three volumes of The Lord of the Rings, as soon as they were published. I was completely bowled over by them: the imagination behind the work is wonderful. Every year ever since then I have re-read the book and I still think it's one of the great works of literature, certainly of this past century, possibly of all time."