30 Jun 2009

Sweet Summer in the Shire

All Hobbit knows that you don't have to own a vast orchard to grow fruit trees. Hobbits love to keep their own fruit trees in the gardens as they enjoy freshly picked fruit, they will eat it there and then or baked it into a cake , or preserve it to make home-made jams, there is nothing more delicious then a home-grown fruit. In spring fruit trees are a pretty sight in the Shire with blossom that attract swarms of bees that will then go on to produce sweet Shire Honey. In the summer and autumn, fruit can be picked and preserved and stored to help supply the Hobbits with essentials during the cold winter months.

Prunella's Refreshing Cherry Delight

Miss Prunella Boffin from Bywater is quite renown for a very refreshing drink often served in the Shire on very hot summer days made with sweet cherries, one vanilla pod, fresh water from the stream, the juice of one or two lemons and some honey. Just remove the stones from the cherries and mash them into a bowl. Split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. On the stove, boil the water with the vanilla seeds and simmer for a little while. Add the juice of the lemons and the honey, stirring until the honey has dissolved into the hot water, when this is done add the mashed cherries to the water and mix well. Pour Prunella's cherry drink into a nice jug and let it cool. Serve with ice and a mint leaf and enjoy!