18 Jun 2009

A work of heart -The Hobbit Garden

"Inside Bag End, Bilbo and Gandalf were sitting at the open window of a small room looking out west on to the garden. The Late afternoon was bright and peaceful. The flowers glowed red and golden: snapdragons and sunflowers, and nasturtians trailing all over the turf walls and peeping in at the round windows. 'How bright your garden look!' Said Gandalf."
(J.R.R.Tolkien - A long-expected party)

This is the month of shortest nights
And garden scents are heavy and sweet
Now the rose blooms, red, pink and white
Bright, glowing in the evening heat

What do you imagine when you think about a Hobbit garden? I visualize an enchanted, secluded spot overflowing with beautiful flowers, lush foliage and tightly trimmed hedges hidden behind an ornamental gate . Close by, a mysterious woodland path that twists and curves luring you to a private natural sanctuary sprinkled with delightful and unexpected treasures, sweet berries and wildlife. It is really not that difficult to love a Hobbit garden so why not bring your imagination to life and create your very own Hobbit garden ? Close your eyes and imagine how the Shire look in late Afterlithe (or June as the Big Folks call it). I chose type of plants, scents, colours, and let the magic of nature take over. Pleasing sights sounds and scents all add to the sensory experience in a Hobbit garden. I love the aroma of a rose, jasmine and lavender. Not far away you can hear the soothing sound of a natural stream that offer a refreshing feel. Wind chimes and silver bells that do tinkle and sing when a light breeze passes through

Just like secret gardens, Hobbit gardens can be kept to yourself, but there is so much joy when they are shared. Whatever you decide, you will cherish having a little plot of Shire earth carved out and designed in your unique Hobbitish fashion just to call your own!