2 Jul 2009

And Frodo was his name-o

Hobbits have wonderful names. Professor Tolkien loved to take ancient words apart to discover more about it. Often Tolkien created words and names from roots of old words he found while studying languages. In some cases names came to him very quickly, while for others more thinking was needed. The name 'Frodo' is a good example of a name that took a bit longer. Originally the hero of Lord of the Rings was called 'Bingo Bolger-Baggins' . The name Bingo was inspired by Tolkien's children. Actually he wrote quite a bit of the Lord of the Rings using 'Bingo Bolger-Baggins', and for a while he resisted changing it even if he felt it really did not fit the story that was becoming more and more serious. Fortunately a new and more fitting name was ready to replace 'Bingo'. In the Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf there is a mention to a noble King of the North Saga, the spelling of this name in Old Norse is Frodi . King Frodi was famous for the peace he was able to establish over his land. Tolkien saw a parallel between this noble Icelandic King and the hero of Lord of the Rings which seek to establish peace over Middle-earth by destroing the One Ring. As well as this connection with the ancient legend, Tolkien liked the name very much for it's meaning :'The Wise One'. Frodo, the Ring-bearer was born!

Here are some examples of wonderful Hobbit surnames: Baggins, Banks, Boffin, Bolger, Brandybuck, Chubb, Cotton, Gamgee, Goldworthy, Goodbody, Goodchild, Hornblower, Maggot,Proudfoot, Sackville, Took, Underhill, Winkle.

Hobbit names reflect their happy way of living and although Professor Tolkien has given us so many names to chose from, there is absolutely nothing wrong in making up your own Hobbit name


I am very pleased with my result as it did turn out I am a Gamgee, which is fantastic news as it is the Gamgee Family that will document, record and keep alive much of the Shire History ...a bit like what I am trying to do on Once Upon A Hobbit.

My Hobbit Name

Lily Gamgee Whitfurrows