26 Jul 2009

A 'Fragile' Hobbit

Salutation Hobbits...not a great deal of good news, I'm afraid. Peter Jackson has just given a speech at Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego, California, and as expected, he was submerged with a huge numbers of questions concerning The Hobbit movie. He talked about the *fragilestate* the movie industry in in at the moment and confirmed to the press that The Hobbit has yet to recive financial backing, in other words the movie is unfounded for now, which is incredible considering how much expectation there is for it and the huge success of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

"The film industry is in this weird state of falling box office, or so the studios feel; DVDs are down, internet piracy, and it's in a fragile state," Jackson said. "It feels like the entire industry is playing a defensive game at the moment."


So we all need to curb our enthusiasm and wait and see what will happen in the Autumn following the legal challenge of the Tolkien's family. Surely a movie like The Hobbit would get financial backing as it is one of the most anticipated movie ever.