1 Jul 2009

The Hobbit movie in pre-production

Filming on The Hobbit movie will begin in March 2010 and it will last for 370 days, Director Guillermo del Toro as revealed in a very recent interview . The movie is currently in pre-production.
The first movie is scheduled to come out in 2011 to be followed one year later by the second and final instalment.

Guillermo del Toro also talked about the kind of landscapes we are going to see in The Hobbit, although we will encounter some familiar places from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, like Rivendell and the Shire, we will also have some new places and feeling that we did not encounter in Perter Jackson's movies, this will be even more so in the second of the two movies. So far so good, The hobbit does promise to be a masterpiece and I am looking forward to keep you informed on further developments.