19 Jul 2009

Pick me! Pick me! (Part 2)

Separated at birth?

Salutations my dear Hobbits. What do you think about this possible choice ? I feel rather silly really because I am a huge Harry Potter fan and, how could I miss the obvious resemblance between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood, and yet only this morning it came to me that Daniel would be the perfect Bilbo Baggins. He has the accent, he is the right age and he does look like Elijah Wood, which would make sense in the movie as Frodo and Bilbo are cousins. So from today I will keep my hobbit's fingers crossed because it would be simply a dream to see Daniel Radcliffe as Bilbo, and I also believe it would be fantastic for his career as an actor to land the role of Bilbo , do that people would not forever only associate him with Harry Potter. This week I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and I was very impressed with the movie (which is the best in the series in my opinion), and by the strong performances, Daniel Radcliffe is now a consumed actor and I just hope in my heart he will be offered and accept the role of Bilbo Baggins...c'mon Daniel...you know you want it :)