8 Jul 2009

To craft like a Hobbit

These bibs are simply adorable! The more I research into Hobbitish things, the more I discover how many people have been inspired by Tolkien's work. These beautiful baby bibs are by ANimbleThimble. "Lord of the TEETHING Rings" "One Ring to DROOL Them All" "Baby Baggins" Inspired by the movie "Lord of the Rings"

Some original Hobbitish art in the form of a window's stiker by MandalaArts .
There is a truly inspiring energy in the natural world, something vital and enchanting. I love the whimsy of this design and it's depiction of a little Hobbit-like home nestled in the heart of an ancient grove of wise old trees. I can almost imagine the little forest dwellers settling down for an evening meal, in gratitude for the bounty that nature has provided.

Complete set of my "Races of Middle Earth" inspired oils by rosemarygrace. "Dwarves's Oil", "Elves's Oil", "Men's Oil", "Istari's Oil (Wizards)"

Dwarves - a rich, complex earthy scent with touches of amber, patchouli, juniper, and other oils.

Elves - An airy, yet mysterious scent, it combines sandalwood, jasmine, eucalyptus and other oils

Men - Earthy, woody and spicy, scents such as petitgrain, cedar, amber and musk blend with other oils.

Hobbits - Cheerful, Homey and complex, this scent is full of oils such as fig, cinnamon, vanilla, honeysuckle, and other oils.

Istari- Mysterious, earthy and yet at the same time airy. It combines sweetgrass, juniper, sandalwood, amber, and other oils.