28 Aug 2009

Because Gandalf always knows better....

Can you feel the hobbitish excitement and the anticipation in the air? Of all people we must believe Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen) , this week he attended a screening of the Lord of the Rings in London and in a chat with the audience he talked about his experience filming the Lord of the Rings movies and about The Hobbit movie, revealing that the role of Bilbo Baggins (which he incidentally call Frodo) is finally taken and that he is very happy with the choice. I think I agree with him when he revealed his sadness at the fact that the original cast will not be reunited for The Hobbit. They will all live forever in the imagination of millions of people around the world as the Great Fellowship of the Ring , but it's time for Bilbo Baggins to take centre stage now.

(video by ergoproxy2007 on Youtube)