26 Aug 2009

A Letter from the Hobbit

September 5 (by Shire Reckoning)

Rivendell - Ilmadris
Last Homely House East of the Sea
House of Elrond

My Dear Friends,

Few weeks ago I received an unexpected visitor at Bag End. Remembering my good manner I shared my supper and tea with him, because it's never wise to upset a wizard like Gandalf the Grey. On passing through the round door, he made himself smaller to avoid hitting the ceiling and hung his hooded cloak on the nearest peg " we must talk hobbit friend..." he said in a low voice. He sat in my kitchen and explained to me the time had come for me to leave the Shire again. I've been away from home for a considerable amount of time, while writing this letter I am a welcome guest of Elrond, Lord of the Elves at the Last Homely House in Rivendell - Ilmadris. I shall escorted to Bree as soon as the new day dawn, and from there I will finally make my way to my beloved Shire and Bag End. Please excuse my long silence but its never easy to write letters when busy fighting dragons and orcs . I hope to be able to resume normal correspondence with you very soon, until then please take good care of yourself. I shall meet you again at the Green Dragon over a pint of Shire ale.

Yours Truly

Lei Sweetrose Hobbit of the Shire