13 Sep 2009

Forever friends - One Ring to Bind Them All!

(Pictures via lovelylivtyler.com)

This week Elijah Wood has spoken a bit more about his personal experience while filming the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, about The Hobbit movie, and about friendship. It does feel like yesterday, but almost ten years have passed since the Trilogy was filmed in New Zealand , one of the greatest movies ever made, that went on to win 17 Oscars. Some earlier reports seem to indicate that maybe Elijah would been back in New Zealand again, to film a *bridge narrative* between the Trilogy and The Hobbit , but apparently that will not be case according to Elijah, which its a real shame, but there you go. Hopefully we will know more about The Hobbit movie structure, as soon as the script is released in few weeks time.Sad as it is that he may not be part of The Hobbit, he is absolutely thrilled that finally filming can go ahead which did hang in the balance for so long.

"I think it's a great story and is purely an adventure story that doesn't have some of the heaviness and weight that Lord of the Rings has, and I think Guillermo is perfect for it."

All the fans of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy know about the deep friendship that developed between the cast and crew of the films, and its no surprise when Elijah Wood talks like this about his time in New Zealand :
"holds such a dear place as a human being and an actor. It had such an impact on my life. When I think about the films, it evokes the memories of the human experience I had -- living in New Zealand for that length of time, making the friends that I made, the tours around the world we would take. I grew as a human being so much, and made such so many friends, and made this connection to New Zealand, which I love so much. All of those things are the things I think about, and they shaped my life."

So here is some more 'magic' from Lord of the Rings, maker of friendship, binding people together forever. The actors and crew that were the chosen one to reproduce the story , and fans all around the world, people like me and you . Forever Friends....One Ring to Bind Them All!