1 Sep 2009

September in the Shire

Well...its that time of the year again in the Shire. Of all seasons , this must be my favourite when the crops are ripe and ready to be harvested, of course, this is not the only reason why September is a special month is the Shire, September is the time of the LONG-EXPECTED PARTY.

"When Mr. Bilbo Baggins of Bag End announced that he would shortly be celebrating his eleventy-first birthday with a party of special magnificence, there was much talk and excitement in Hobbiton." (J.R.R.Tolkien-The Fellowship of the Ring)

Even when Mr. Bilbo is not physically present, Hobbits still tend to use his birthday as an excuse to throw a party because it is well known that Hobbits are fond of having a jolly good time, abundant food and drinks, music and ideally, a fireworks display, although the latest can be achieved only when a wizard is present at the celebration.

"There were rockets like a flight of scintillating birds singing with sweet voices. There were green trees with trunks of dark smoke: their leaves opened like a whole spring unfolding in a moment, and their shining branches dropped glowing flowers down upon the astonished hobbits, disappearing with a sweet scent just before they touched their faces." (J.R.R.Tolkien -The Fellowship of the Ring)