29 Oct 2009

Hold my hand, little hobbit ! Welcome to Rivendell

Me and Mr. Bilbo

Ilmadris at last! I finally made it to Rivendell, if only just. The journey was perilous and full of dangers, Black Riders still looking for Mr. Frodo, orcs, goblins and trolls, and the relief was great, when I was finally able to walk through the The Gate of Ilmadris, and below me, Rivendell in all its glory. Built by the High Elves, the safe refuge is nestled in the steep, hidden valley of Ilmadris in the easternmost Eriador at the foot of the Misty Mountains, just between the rivers Hoarwell and Laudwater. The great House of Elrond. Tears of joy when I saw the "Last Homely House East of the Sea", house of wisdom, great learning, a refuge of kindness for all men, elves, and hobbit of goodwill. It is here I met Mr. Bilbo Baggins, in the place were he did find refuge, it is here I met the Fellowship of the Ring. This house and this valley are a magical place, guarded by elven enchantments that cause the rivers on either side to rise up and repel all danger, finally safe in the House of Elrond.