5 Nov 2009

"All of a sudden The Hobbit shows up and takes over my life...."

Guillermo del Toro, honorary hobbit of the Shire has spoken to Totalfilm.com about his life, The Hobbit and what we can expect to see when the movie is finally released. In what is probably one of the longest and more comprehensive interviews to date, Guillermo is giving us an insight into his work and how he is approaching what is, without doubt, one of the biggest projects of his career.

“I was calmly laying out the next decade of my life when The Hobbit appeared,” he laughs. “I was preparing all these things and all of a sudden The Hobbit shows up and takes over my life.”

The Hobbit is a design masterpiece, like the Lord of the Rings before it, work is still continuing . Every details, every aspect of the movie is carefully planned. Scripting the Hobbit and working closely with Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens generated so many ideas and imput....

"We could have written three or four versions of The Hobbit "

One of the more important things revealed by Del Toro in the interview is how he is trying to respect and follow Professor Tolkien's original structure , the story of The Hobbit is too well known and loved to be starting changing it around, only concession will probably be a more in detail view of Gandalf and his personal story. Del Toro talks about creatures design , the involvement of Weta, living in New Zealand, his fear of spiders, on how The Hobbit will be "familiar"(Hobbiton and Rivendell) but unique and "more colourful" and separate from The Lord of the Rings's experience. When asked is The Hobbit will be magical and fairy-tale like , Guillermo said:

"It is in many ways just what you enjoy in the book. You enjoy an almost chamber piece, like when the stone trolls talk about cooking the dwarves. It’s such a small piece but at the same time it’s magical and it’s almost a comedy, that you have these enormous creatures talking about cooking these dwarves!"

Poor dwarves :p