4 Nov 2009

Gandalf : "I shall not talk!" Sir Ian McKellen on reading The Hobbit Script

It is well known that Wizards like to chat over a pint of Shire ale in front of the fireplace, and good, old Gandalf is no exception. Sir Ian McKellen has been allowed a reading of The Hobbit movie script, he has told SciFiWire that his lips are sealed, nothing of what its contain in the script will be revealed, however he is very happy with it. He went on talking about Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro revealing that he is convinced the two men "were separated at birth":

"They are the same person, they were separated at birth. They're twins. They have the same attitude. Neither likes working in Hollywood. They're both fascinated by fantasy and violence on the screen, and gore, and things that frighten you. They like going into the psyche. They're both brilliant storytellers in very much the same way. And I think the script, because I have read it, plays very much to Guillermo's strengths, as I've seen them. I have seen his other movies, and people act very well in them. So I think it's all fine. And Peter will always be there."

Ok, so Gandalf is teasing us, as often with him, he knows much more then what he is prepared to reveal, I guess we will have to wait but it should not be very long now ...right Gandalf?