9 Nov 2009

I swore to protect you....but I may not be there - Will Aragorn come back to Middle-Earth?

Though its been reported that Viggo Mortensen was approached and asked to return to Middle-Earth as Aragorn, he has recently hinted that Aragorn will probably not appear in the first of The Hobbit movies, Aceshowbiz.com is reporting this morning.

There is still hope however. Aragorn was around in Middle-Earth by the time Bilbo was about to reclaim the treasure taken by the dragon Smaug, so maybe Aragorn could return in the second instalment of The Hobbit.

"My character is around at times - in the middle, but it would only be if they made a second movie or connecting movie that connected 'The Hobbit' to 'The Lord of the Rings' that I might appear, which would be great"

Viggo Mortensen said, making very clear he would be very happy to be part of Middle-Earth again.Hobbits and Aragorn are a winning combination, like mushroom pies and Shire ale. I really would love to see Aragorn /Viggo calm determination and courage again in Middle-Earth.

(full article on Aceshowbiz.com)