7 Nov 2009

This package is for you, Gandalf !

"About three weeks ago, I was sitting in London and a courier arrived from New Zealand, which is the other side of the world, bearing the script of 'The Hobbit. It was tied around with so much Scotch tape that even with two pairs of scissors, I only got into it half an hour later."

Its amazing what one can receive in the mail these days. The postman comes one morning and you end up holding The Hobbit script in your hand, Sir Ian McKellen has revealed to Movieblog.mtv.com . It is clearly a very exciting time for our dear Gandalf as he prepares to enter Middle-earth once more. The scrip is still Top-Secret and surrounded by tight security of course, so nothing about it can be revealed to anyone.

"The script had my name on every single page and a warning that each page was encrypted, so if it appeared on the Internet, it could be traced back to me, and I'm not to discuss it with you, or any colleague, or friend, or family member or pet. I may not write in the script, I may not remove it from its plastic folder, and when it is taken from me by the courier, it will be shredded under supervision!"

McKellen also reveals how he was worried at first about Guillermo del Toro's approach, which he considers somehow different from that of Peter Jackson. It was often the case during The Lord of the Rings filming that a scene had to be taken 20 times before Jackson was happy with the result.

"A slight shiver went through me just then," McKellen said with a smile, "because I thought perhaps [Guillermo] might be a little quicker than Peter, but maybe he won't be. He's a bit of a perfectionist. But this script plays very much to his strengths and I can see where he's put his mark already on the script."

Ok, so now we know we have the script, we know work is well under way in New Zealand, sets are been built, creatures are now been designed, costumes and props are in the making...this is really getting exciting, but we still need to find out the most important thing.....who is the one that will have the honour and responsibility to play Bilbo Baggins.

(full interview with Ian McKellen on Movieblog.mtv.com)