28 Dec 2009

As Peter was just saying.... Latest News on the REAL casting for The Hobbit

(picture by Lei for Once Upon A Hobbit)

A few weeks back the news came out that casting for The Hobbit was starting in new Zealand, this indeed raised a huge wave of excitement among fans and would-be-hobbits alike. In the original article that was linked by several reputable sites (including Once Upon A Hobbit) two mail addresses in Wellington, New Zealand were given out so that people could start sending their submissions in the hope to be called for an audition. Today Jack of The Noldor Blog has revealed that the two original Wellington addresses given back at the beginning of December are bogus.

Now you can see what hobbit Peter means when he says never to believe what you read on the Internet. Here on Once Upon A Hobbit I try (as much as I can) to pass news only if such news do first appear on reputable fan-sites but there will be always be someone that will try to spread silly or untrue rumours.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: theonering.net has posted this update on their site which does only add to the confusions around casting for The Hobbit. In light of this last development and in absence of any ' official ' words from the Studios and Peter Jackson concerning this matter, I think it will be wise to avoid giving up news which could be misleading to any potential would-be-hobbit. Once Upon A Hobbit will of course, keeping you informed of all latest developments however please remember what Peter Jackson keep reminding us, now more then ever, take any informations you read on the Internet with a pinch of salt :)