9 Dec 2009

Middle-Earth Toys - Every Hobbit 'Must Have!'

Even hobbits get stuck for ideas when it comes down to buy gifts. Its the season of 'giving' and 'receiving' and this means brave the cold (sometime snowy) weather and get into full Yule-mode. Funnily enough hobbit have develop a rather unique trait when it comes to birthdays, the birthday hobbit will not receive a gift, but will give a gift (usually something old and not used around the house) to his invaded guests. This custom however is not always followed by hobbits. These special old and useless objects are called mathom , and they end up be given as presents many times over , or are stored in the mathom-house (a kind of museum for old and useless objects no one really need).

At Yule time (as always) the most important thing for the true hobbit is a well stocked pantry, several barrel of nice ale, cheese, eggs, mushrooms, ham and beacon, fine pipe-weed, etc etc. Food is indeed the main treat for hobbit at this time, for the real meaning of the season is to celebrate and be jolly and eat and drink in the company of friends and relatives. Giving and receiving a gift at Yule however, its always nice so I've been doing a bit of searching and I did find a few Middle-earth inspired toys that would look just nice in my Yule stoking :)

A superb 1:6 scale Collectable Figure of Sam Gamgee ( Aragorn, Legolas, Boromir, Frodo and Gandalf ) From Sideshow Collectables - Sadly these are limited edition and one a few at the time are made. (Hoping to get myself the whole set one day ...well I can dream can I ? :p)

Barbie as Galadriel or Arwen, and Ken as Legolas or Aragorn. All collector items incredibly detailed. They are kind of rare and valuable now. (pictures by jerimarie1980 on Flickr)

An adorable Fellowship of the Ring (and 1 Ring-Bear :p) from Minimates Toys (the set is not not easy to find) (picture by ecpica on Flickr)

An other adorable Fellowship of the Ring custom-made by a Lego enthusiast. I doubt this set would ever be available to buy, however I know many Lego/LOTR fans have recreated the whole of Middle-earth in Lego ...how cool is that ? :) (picture by dunechaser on Flickr)

Funny, big-head Smeagol talking-doll for all the fans of Gollum/Smeagol ( he has a few :p). I must confess I have one in my collection, he sits on my bookshelf, between a copy of The Hobbit and one of Tolkien's biography, and sometimes he talks to me.... "Good Smeagol always helps" (but is always covered in dust) "Master's my friend" (true, but you should learn to be less dusty) "We be nice to them if they be nice to us" (awwww...dusting time) "Hurry hobbitses, hurry". I did find my little talking-Smeagol on Amazon.uk :)