5 Dec 2009

Unknown Actor to play Bilbo ? Peter Jackson on the casting of Bilbo - Pick Me! Pick Me! (part 4)

Today is one of those days when news just keep coming in :) IGN Movies had an exclusive chat with Peter Jackson about The Hobbit movie, and specifically about the casting of the actor who will play Bilbo Baggins.

IGN Movies did ask Jackson if he was able to at least rule-out some of the names of actors that have been rumoured in the past few months. Hobbit Peter did not do so, however he revealed that some of the names were never even in discussion for the important role.

The most important piece of news that came out from this chat however, is the revelation that the casting directors for The Hobbit are currently auditioning UNKNOWN actors for the role of Bilbo Baggins.

'IGN: Jackson did emphasize that casting directors for The Hobbit are currently auditioning unknown actors for the role of Bilbo.'

It would be the best choice for Bilbo I think, a 'fresh face', someone that has not been seen before much and that could really 'become' Bilbo without also been associated to other movies, but they have to find him first, and this, I guess, its the difficult part :)