27 Dec 2009

Peter Jackson talks about The Hobbit Casting (and reminds us never to believe the Internet)

Lets be honest, you would not like a dwarf to play an elf, a hobbit to be a man, or an elf to be tossed around like a dwarf....would you? To be a hobbit one must really be a hobbit, look like a hobbit and think like a hobbit (hairy feet are of course a bonus) Casting is taking time, then so be it, we can wait :) As always very open and honest about the way work is progressing with the movie, Peter Jackson also reminds us that the real star of The Hobbit (like in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy) is Professor Tolkien, there is no pressure and no rush ....one hobbit, a few dwarfs, one tall wizard, few hundred goblins, some smelly trolls, and a few dozen elves will be ready when they are ready :)