10 Dec 2009

Returning to Middle-Earth - Peter Jackson reveals who will be back

According to mtv.com , three (and only three) characters/actors-actresses from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy will make a come back in The Hobbit.

"Gandalf, being a 2,000-year-old wizard, is still around and plays a major role in 'The Hobbit,' and we're having Ian McKellen reprise," explained the filmmaker, who is executive-producing the flick and writing the screenplay. "There's a couple of other characters: Elrond, who was played by Hugo Weaving [in the original films], and there's a possibility of Galadriel, who was played by Cate Blanchett." (Peter Jackson to mtv.com)

Peter Jackson also dismissed any talks about other members of the original Trilogy cast coming back for a prequel . The Hobbit will be as Tolkien had intended, a story in its own right. The Hobbit tells of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins , a simple hobbit from the Shire, the One Ring of Power is still lost (hidden in Gollum's cave), the events of The Lords of the Rings are 60 years away from happening.

"In book terms, the world of 'The Hobbit' takes place 60 years before 'The Lord of the Rings,' as it was written by Tolkien. So, not a lot of the characters actually feature, because they weren't around yet."

As already reported, P.J. confirmed that Ian McKellen has signed and will be playing Gandalf again, and that he has no doubts both Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett will be happy to return as well as Elrond and Galadriel ( elves are immortal :)) No mention of Andy Serkis in the original article but I still hope to see him back as Gollum.