15 Dec 2009

Spider Bilbo? No, Thanks!

Tobey Maguire as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit? Of all the rumours and speculations we heard around the casting on Bilbo in the last few months, this one must be one of the wildest. Last night the news started to spread over the Internet that Maguire was in talks to star as Bilbo in The Hobbit , thankfully the news release was quickly followed by an update from a reputable source (theonering.net) stating that this was indeed untrue.

Our sources indicate this rumour is NOT valid, again, this is NOT true according to our sources. (source)

Spider Bilbo never will (and never was), now back to work, lets try to find the 'real' Bilbo Baggins :)

P.S. It would never worked, hobbits hate spiders and vice-versa, sorry Tobey :p