10 Dec 2009

'Tossing' a Dwarf in the Ring (part 2) - Ian Malcolm is fantastic!

Look what I found today. A gem, a little treasure, a real dwarf. Once Upon A Hobbit is proud to introduce to Tolkien's fans around the world IAN MALCOLM from Los Angeles. In his own words : " Actor, musician, artist, reprobate, and general miscreant." Ian is casting for a role in The Hobbit in this reel of himself as a dwarf, performing a snippet of a monologue he prepared from the Hobbit.

P.J. and casting directors of The Hobbit, this one is for you :) I truly hope you get a role Ian Malcom from California, you are a great dwarf!

P.S. If Ian gets the part you read it first on Once Upon A Hobbit :)