10 Dec 2009

'Tossing' a Dwarf in the Ring.....(just for fun)

Opening my mail this morning to find the most intriguing suggestion for one of The Hobbit dwarfs. People from the United Kingdom will immediately recognize the cheeky smile of Antony Worrall Thompson , celebrity chef, television presenter and radio broadcaster. Tell me what you see when you look at Antony? The face of a dwarf looking back at you (all real , no make-up :p). The mail I received reads:

Just look at him...the wide lumpy nose, the colour of his skin, the hair colour... and then his voice, he sounds like a dwarf... and the rest of his body too is very dwarf-esque... he is short, sturdy, fat. A perfect dwarf.

It would work very well for The Hobbit production, they would get a nice dwarf and a celebrity chef all in one go, free cooking for the cast :) So there you have it, Once Upon A Hobbit very own casting rumour for The Hobbit :) and to be honest with you 'my' dwarf speculation is much more realistic then the one The Sun newspaper published yesterday (reminding me on why I NEVER buy The Sun in the first place) , about two former X-Factor would-be-famous annoying twins brothers allegedly auditioning for the roles of Fili and Kili.

Tossing dwarfs is great fun :)