15 Dec 2009

Yule Festival Returns - Lord of the Rings Online

Yuletide is upon us once more. Its cold, the days are short (just like a hobbit :p) and the free people of Middle-earth are preparing to celebrate the Yule Festival in Lord of the Rings Online.
Celebrate Yulemath in Middle-earth style .The halls will be decked with traditional decorations, warm cider will be available in the inns , rich feasts and other, more mischievous, pursuits also available. Yule is a time of hope across Middle-earth even as the shadow of the Enemy continues to grow from the shadows of the dark forest of Mirkwood. In Bree-land and Michel Delving exciting horse races are held with the winners taking home a sturdy winter mount. Join the free people to experience our Yulemath celebrations.

Get that woolly hat and gloves on and join the hobbits, elves, men and dwarfs to celebrate the....