28 Jan 2010

Forever Frodo - Happy Birthday Elijah!

Dear Mr Frodo 'Elijah,

You once said that being Frodo was a huge responsibility, a dangerous journey that became very personal for you. You are in fact a hobbit in heart and size but as Tolkien said "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future..." As Elijah you were chosen to become 'Frodo', it was your destiny that brought you back to Middle-earth. Thank you Mr Frodo 'Elijah' for sending a short home-made video audition of yourself to Peter Jackson , thank you for giving a face and a real heart to one of the most loved literature characters of all times. Elijah became Frodo, Frodo is now Elijah , the two are one forever. You were only 18 at the time, landed in New Zealand and the greatest adventure of your life began. There is a parallel between Frodo's journey and your personal one during the filming of the Trilogy. You and others felt the 'greatness' and historical importance of translating Tolkien's work. Today you are 29, in hobbit terms you are still a young lad, so do not worry about getting a bit older Mr Frodo. I wish you happiness, love and peace dear little hobbit, a kitchen full of tasty food, sweet pipe-weed from the Shire, and strong ale from The Green Dragon. May the hair of your feet never fall!

With love and Affection from Once Upon A Hobbit