21 Jan 2010

Games On! - Peter Jackson on Video Games

In a recent interview with Ain’t it Cool News about his latest movie The Lovely Bones, Peter Jackson has revealed himself as a bit of a gamer, which I must confess, make me happy as I am myself an avid games player. Being a hobbit (a modern one of course) does not mean just sitting outside the round door, smoking the pipe, chatting and eating good food, although I must admit all of these things can be agreeable with me. Gaming is something Peter Jackson enjoys, and so do I. Peter's son Bill is playing alongside his father Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

"I’m enjoying these games more than I am enjoying films at the moment...and they are using a lot of the film techniques now, especially the cinematic areas or those little movie things." (Peter Jackson to Ain't it Cool News)

My guess is that Peter Jackson's involvement with gaming will grow and develop in something more then being a simple player. The Wellington based Wingnut Interactive Video Game Development Studios sees Peter Jackson in partnership with Microsoft Games Studios - currently working on Tintin and of course, The Hobbit game :) Furthermore, Peter Jackson reveals in the interview.....

"I’ve got ideas that could be a movie or they could be a game, and I think that they should rather than just make a movie and then do a spin-off game, I think some of the ideas I’ve got I’d rather do them as a stand alone game, because that world is getting more and more interesting." (Peter Jackson to Ain't it Cool News)

With 3 D technology and the ever growing use of computer generated content/effect to enhance movies, we are a step closer to the video games industry and the film industry merging into one, it has already began and it is inevitable. The idea of been able not only to watch a great movie but BE part of it and help shape the story like in a game is an exciting prospect for gamers and film's lovers alike. The Hobbit game....are we there yet? Are we there yet?...Are we there yet? Sorry getting a bit carried away, but by now you probably know I just like hobbitess and video games :)

(Read full interview with Peter Jackson Here - Picture courtesy of steampunkworkshop.com)