10 Jan 2010

The Hobbit Movie 'DREAM TEAM' cast ( something to do when its snowing in the Shire)

In the last few months there has been much talking and speculation around the casting for the upcoming The Hobbit movie. As already reported, a few names have been confirmed, others are most likely to be asked to take part, many have been rumoured.It is for the best to let the Casting Directors doing their jobs in the hunt for the perfect cast which may take considerable time considering the number of leading actors needed. The dwarfs in particular may represent a challenge for casting - there are 13 of them. So I was sitting here in Bag End by my fireplace, very unusually its snowing heavily in the Shire, and, as one do, I was thinking about The Hobbit movie and about who would be suited to have a part in it. Indeed I am of the opinion that its for the best if the little-known actors are chosen for the main roles (as in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy), this is the right way to go. Been snowed in and having sometime on my hands however, transformed me into a Casting Director for The Hobbit - after some researching and much thinking I came up with a 'DREAM TEAM' cast :) Some of the names in my cast will eventually end up having a role for real in The Hobbit, others are just actors I would consider have some qualities for the roles I did assign to them.


BILBO BAGGINS : Unknown Actor

Because the actor that land this very important role must 'become' a hobbit and make the role his own. Several known actors have been rumoured for the role of Bilbo in the past few months, but no 'official' announcement has been made yet.


Brian Cox will (most likely) appear in The Hobbit as THORIN OAKENSHIELD. Leader of the Company of dwarfs. A very important role which does require a very credible performance. Brian Cox is a Scottish actor also known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he gained great recognition.

BALIN : Robin Williams

One of my favourite actors of all time. Versatile and adaptable, he could make a great BALIN. In The Hobbit he is 'second in command' meaning that when Thorin is not present, he will take over.

DWALIN: Omid Pjalili

London-born but of Iranian descent actor and comedian, Omid would be perfect as a dwarf. I would cast him as DWALIN, brother of Balin. Dwalin is the very first dwarf to arrive at Bag End.

KILI AND FILI : Aron and Shawn Ashmore

Brothers Kili and Fili, the two youngest dwarfs are inseparable. The Ashmore twins would fit easily in the roles of Kili and Fili. Some of their previous roles include Iceman in X-Men (Shawn), Jimmy Olsen in the TV series Smallville (Aron).

DORI: Rowan Atkinson

Here is an other of my all time favourites actor and comedian. Dori reminds me a bit of the character Edmund Blackadder (one of Rowan most famous roles).It fell to Dori to carry Bilbo in the tunnels of the Misty Mountains, but Dori dropped Bilbo and the other dwarfs blamed him for "losing their burglar."

NORI : Tony Robinson

He would be perfect as Nori, brother of Dori. Robinson played alongside Rowan Atkinson in Blackadder as Baldrick, the astute but rather unlucky and unclean servant of Edmund Blackadder, Baldrick is famous for his catch phrase : "I have a cunning plan..." which he never had, of course. - Tony Robinson and Rowan Atkinson are a great comedy duo.

ORI: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry perfect as Ori, brother of Dori and Nori. Fry, also part of the cast of Blackadder, is a great British actor, writer and comedian. Ori will enter Moria with Balin. I can see him making this role very special, a dwarf with a passion for wit and language.

OIN: Bill Bailey

English stand-up comedian, musician and actor could easily transform the less known role of Oin brother of Gloin into a funny masterpiece. Bailey has been voted one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy, he is also a talented writer and musician.

GLOIN : John Rhys-Davis

Sadly he will not return to play GLOIN (father of Gimli) in The Hobbit which is an incredible shame because he was a great dwarf, the 'one to rule them all.'

BIFUR: Jack Black

BIFUR loves of raspberry jam and apple-tarts, and played the clarinet. Jack Black. Also very adaptable and a musician could make a funny Bifur.

BOFUR: Mike Myers

Cousin of Bifur, BOFUR likes mince-pies and cheese and tea. he is also a clarinet enthusiast. Why Mike Myers? Because he has demonstrated in many of his movies how well he can adapt to different accents and heavy make-up which a role as a dwarf would require. Funny and quick-witted, he could be great.

BOMBUR: Jonny Vegas

BOMBUR is the fat dwarf who is often messing things up. In Mirkwood, he falls into the stream of forgetfulness and falls to sleep for many days. His companions must carry him. When he wakes, he has forgotten everything since they left the home of Bilbo. He is almost caught by the dragon when it bursts from the mountain. Jonny Vegas is an English actor and comedian. He is known for his bizarre rants, chubby figure, and husky voice.

This IS NOT the 'real' actor list, nor a complete one for The Hobbit, but rather a 'personal' list of whom I think would be great/funny in the role, however some names on the list may well appear in the 'real' cast. Snow has stopped falling, the Shire is covered in a soft white blanket, and its time for me to take my leave for today. Thanks for visiting, until the next time, take care hobbits :)