26 Jan 2010

The 'Irish' twist : Ronan Keating audition for The Hobbit -

"Top of the Morning to you!" an very traditional Irish greeting for the latest casting news from The Hobbit. If I am not mistaken,Ronan Keating is the first known person to openly admit he did actually audition for The Hobbit. The former Boyzone Irish singer is planning to relocate to America with his family over the summer and maybe make the transition between singing and acting.

" We'll see what happens. I've done a couple of castings... I've done an audition for The Hobbit. That starts shooting in New Zealand in July so we'd be based there for quite a while instead of LA if it happens." (Ronan Keating)

Does this mean he has a role in The Hobbit or does this mean he 'hopes' to get a role? Who could he possibly be ? A dwarf maybe Bifur or Bofur both expert musicians? Although to be honest Keating does strike me as a bit too 'good looking' (no offence intended to dwarves :p). Maybe an elf with a slight Irish accent , I think he could step in the soft shoes of an elf . Oh well....I am not sure about his acting skills, I know he can sing, so I guess we shall wait and see if a bit of 'Irish magic' will make it into The Hobbit.