5 Jan 2010

The Land of Blossom Dreaming - Welcome to Lothlórien

By the middle of January the Fellowship of the Ring will reach the Golden Woods of Lothlórien, just east of the Misty Mountains beyond the Gates of Moria. Lothlórien is also known as Lorien ("dreamland"), and Laurelindorinan ("land of the valley of singing gold"). The silver-barked Mallorn trees can be found in Lothlórien and are considered the fairest trees of Middle-earth, the Mallorn trees grew originally in Tol Eressea, in the Undying Lands. Historically very hard to grow outside the Undying Lands, Lady Galadriel takes some seeds with her and plants them here and under her care the great Mallorn trees will grow tall and strong in Lothlórien and will become known as The Golden Woods. On high platforms called 'telain' or 'flets', in the tree branches lives the Galadhrim, the Elves of Lothlórien. This magical land is golden through the year, unusually it is in spring that the golden leaves drops to the ground to be replaced by beautiful silver and green ones. These very unique trees can only be found in Lothlórien with the exception of one single Mellorn tree, a gift from Lady Galadriel to Sam Gamgee, which grows in the Shire. In creating Lothlórien, Tolkien does show once more his incredible attention to details. You can easily see this fantastic place by reading his words. Lothlórien is where the Fellowship will find rest and shelter from all the evil that is following the One Ring, it is here that Lady Galadriel will instruct Frodo, the ring-bearer, on his destiny and on the fate of Middle-earth, should he fail in his task.

"For if you fail, then we are laid bare to the Enemy." (J.R.R.Tolkien - The Mirror of Galadriel)

At the feet of the majestic Mellorn trees , a pale white flower called Elanor blooms. Sam Gamgee (a keen gardener like his father) will always remember the beauty of these flowers and will name his first daughter after them. In the heart of Lothlórien is Caras Galadhon, the Elven city in which Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel live in Royal lodgings in the most magnificent fleet built on the top of the tallest Mellorm tree of all.

After the destruction of the One Ring and the end of Sauron, the elven population of Lothlórien will dwindle. With the departure of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel for the Undying Lands, only few elves remain, the golden light and the magical songs will eventually fade. Arwen last visit after the death of Aragorn, will see a place silent and abandoned. She will remain there alone for a while, before leaving never to return.