7 Jan 2010

"Pointy ears and hairy feet will never sell ? " The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is the 'EPIC' movie of the decade

No one thought it was possible! No one believed that a movie about a good but rather old style, fantasy book, full of elves with pointy ears and little men with hairy feet would ever interest anyone, let alone become of of the greatest cinematic production of all time. It was down to a remarkably hobbit-looking director from a beautiful land on the other side of the planet to prove everyone wrong. Totalfilm.com's list of the 10 most influential movies on the last decade, firmly put Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy at number 1 under the very deserved tag : EPIC.

Can you still remember the fist time you sat in a dark cinema with your popcorn and your coke when suddenly you eared the voice of Lady Galadriel ? I can and I treasure that memory of watching the Trilogy for the very first time.

" It began with the forging of the Great Rings....."

I did mentioned before in my post 'A Hobbit named Peter' how very important is the influence of parents Joan and Bill is on Peter Jackson's work, although they both passed away before the Trilogy was even filmed, they have a special mention in the credits. It is strange but true that we own one of the greatest battle scenes of all time to a lemon tree that stands in Bill and Joan's garden. The story goes that at the time when the original script was been written, Peter was one day walking around the garden, picking lemons , when suddenly a whole scene appeared in his head, Theoden and the raiders. The entire and full sequence was now in front of him, he instinctively knew the camera angles he was going to use. The scene was written down, never changed and filmed exactly as he saw it in his head under his mum and dad lemon tree, so spare a thought for the humble lemon next time you watch Theoden and the raiders outside Minas Tirith :)

Taadaaaaa...10 hours later we all knew we just watched something special. This was not a simple blockbuster to make a few dollars for the Studios, this was something never seen before. Filmed in a remote corner of the world, carefully crafted by the people of this land (New Zealand) in every little detail, played by little known actors, directed by a guy that looks just like a hobbit. Every single person that worked on the Trilogy and was part of the crew knows they are part of a very special 'fellowship' , so much so that they had themselves tattooed in memory of the three years they spent together. Hobbit Peter (Jackson) very 'personal' cinematic journey through Middle-earth has influenced the way movies are made ever since the Trilogy came out. Some of the ground-breaking techniques used by Jackson, were eventually used in movies like Narnia and Harry Potter. Ok, I am a bit of a Tolkien Geek (I do consider this a compliment) , I am the one that is still able to get emotional and shed some tears by watching the Trilogy or reading a passage of the books. I am the would-be-hobbit that writes and runs Once Upon A Hobbit, so yeaa, I am a bit bias, but I am quite sure the top spot as the most EPIC movie of the decade, and probably one of the greatest movies of all time, is well deserved :)