17 Jan 2010

When Can I Move In ? - A (Tree) Home Fit For The Hobbit

There are tree-houses and there are 'hobbitish' tree-houses. The Wilkinson Residence falls in the 'hobbit-is-beautiful' category. So, now then....when can I move in? This is the perfect residence for the modern hobbit, built in perfect harmony with nature and the forest around it, living up in the canopy of the trees, this fantastic house is the tree-dwellings of Lothlórien meets the hobbit holes of the Shire. Built by Robert Harvey Oshatz in the forests of Portland, Oregon , this is a truly remarkable abode for the modern hobbit. The 'hobbit'...I mean the client that commissioned this house loves music, he wanted a home that reflected the 'flow of music' and blended with the natural landscape, and the result speaks for itself. Could easily make the Wilkinson Residence my personal 'Bag End' , I can see myself sitting on the tree canopy, having my second-breakfast while birds sing all around, so let me ask one more time...when can I move in ? :)

(Photographs: Cameron Neilson)