11 Feb 2010

Born of Hope - A masterpiece on a shoestring budget

Born of Hope is a good example of how passion, determination and talent can create a masterpiece inspired by Tolkien's stories - Once upon a time there was a actress from Cambridge called Kate Madison that was mesmerised by The Lord of the Rings movies. At first Born of Hope was going to be only a five minute movie 'a la' Peter Jackson but it was not all plain sailing at first. The project did come to a halt as it became very clear that it was going to be much bigger then a few minutes short and Kate felt she did not have enough experience to tackle it. So Kate went on to do a crush course in film directing after which she felt ready to try again. The original competition was over, but Born of Hope was very much alive. Inspired by some references written by Professor Tolkien in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings, the movie is set long before the War of the Rings and tells about the DĂșnedain Rangers of the North. Born of Hope is a story of love between Arathorn and Gilraen through a turbulent time in their people’s history when a new hope arise. Arathorn and Gilraen's son Aragorn is born on the third day of the third month the true heir of Isildur, and future king of Middle Earth.

What does make Born of Hope very special is the way this fan movie was funded. Kate used her life-saving, the budget came to about £25,000 which is truly peanuts, but fans all over the UK and other parts of the world were happy to help. We must praise Kate Madison for her creativity, her talent, her determination and for following a dream. In a world struggling with an economic downturn, when big Film Studios are forced to tight their belts, and delay production, here is a glimmer of Hope :) When there is passion, where there is talent, dreams really can and do come true. Released on December 1st, 2009, Born of Hope has now been viewed online from over half a million people and many more will follow. Well done Kate Madison, and thank you for keeping the Hope alive :)

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