4 Feb 2010

Collecting Middle-Earth : Lets MERP!

I do love second-hand book stores. Old books have a very particular fragrance which is always been one of my favourite things. I am *cough cough* 'mature' enough (like a good smelly cheese or sweet wine ), to be able to remember a world without computers, and video games, and yes I can still get nostalgic about the good, old times. Back then it was about board games, pen and paper RP, no such things as sitting in front of a screen alone playing in a virtual world, it was about been at the table, with your mates around you, and letting your imagination fly. Its hard to explain the appeal that pen and paper RP can have, you really have to try having long adventures with your friends....sorry being a bit carried away :) So, as I was saying , I just love second-hand book stores and here is a little bargain I came across a few days ago in the usual dark corner, under a pile of dust covered books. MIDDLE-EARTH ROLE PLAYING -The role playing game of J.R.R.Tolkien's World, also known as MERP, by I.C.E., which used to publish the game until they lost the licence in 1999. MERP allows the players to be part of several adventure thorough Middle-earth in different setting that may or may not be directly linked to the Tolkien Legendarium, although the main theme remains, with elements from The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. MERP is not an easy game, it takes time to master, but it was well received when it came out and its still popular today. I was lucky enough to find the 2nd edition from 1986 in very good conditions - I particularly like the cover art and the characters illustrations by Angus McBride. Illustrations are sadly in black and white and are not the best of quality but they are charming.

Found: Middle-Earth Role Playing by I.C.E. (2nd edition 1986)

Where: In a lovely second-hand book shop in London

Price I did pay for it: £1 ($1.57)

Condition: Good