2 Feb 2010

Erryn Arkin : To Be or Not To Be Bilbo Baggins?

To be or not to be? Here more internet whispers and rumours around the very fine hobbit called Bilbo Baggins from the Shire. On his IMDb Profile today (2 Feb 2010), Australian actor Erryn Arkin suddenly appears to be [rumoured] to become Bilbo Baggins.

"1. The Hobbit: Part 1 (2011) (announced) (rumoured) .... Bilbo" (From IMDb)

UPDATE: (March 1st 2010) : The above quote that was on Erryn's IMDb Profile has now been removed - Will we see him in The Hobbit ? Hope so :)

Can this be true? Where is this information coming from? I must confess did not know him until today - my first impression, maybe a bit too young (he is only 27) to be Bilbo, then again, age is relative, maybe he has the 'hobbitish' magic, maybe , just maybe this is the face of Bilbo Baggins. Hopefully we shall know a bit more about this little mystery as more news reach the Shire . Stay tuned hobbits :)

(Pic from Erryn Arkin's website)