3 Feb 2010

The Hobbit Casting Saga Continues?

So here is the deal....unless I get a personal phone call from Hobbit Peter (Jackson) himself, in person, from New Zealand, asking me how is life and then dropping the whole cast list of The Hobbit in the conversation , I will try NOT to get too excited about any rumours, Chinese whispers, speculations or hearsay on this and that forums . Its so hard to get anything straight and any reliable news from any official source lately. I guess the announced delay of the movie does not help, but trust me my dear hobbit friends, I just can't wait for the day this saga will end and we will finally have the cast list at our disposal. I do try to remember Hobbit Peter's wisdom..." Never ever believe what you read on the Internet!" but its not always easy.

A few weeks ago this site called Spoiler TV (Thanks Hobbit Ed for the link) posted a so called 'Official Casting Call' for The Hobbit that at first read seem quite genuine to me. I did use the word official in brackets because Spoiler TV does not actually reveal its source. Back then the news was picked up by most of the major fan sites, and few hours later came an update from one of them claiming this 'Casting Call' is not genuine but something made up. It is at this point that confusion starts to creep in....who do we believe to? Some fan sites out there do claim to have 'good contacts', yet they themselves seem a bit unsure about this or that news at times.

As I said before, I shall try to keep you informed as much as I can but I will do it in 'HOBBIT STYLE' and this means in 'comfort' , hobbits do not like to rush much, especially between first and second breakfast. Once Upon A Hobbit was never meant to be just a blog about one book, one movie or one hobbit - its about a whole world, Middle- Earth, and about the life and other work of the man that made this world, and its about 'hobbitish' things , music, art, fashion, travels, and musings inspired by Tolkien and much more. So lets sit outside the round door tonight, its warm in the Shire, in the air the sweet fragrance of flowers and freshly cut grass, down the hill, the river is a silver ribbon under a sky filled with stars, lets sit here, smoke some pipe-weed and remember what professor Tolkien once wrote.....

"The wise speak only of what they know."

(J.R.R. Tolkien)