17 Feb 2010

LEGO Lord of the Rings /The Hobbit -The One 'Brick' to rule them all!

Am I dreaming? Did I really read that maybe....just maybe two of my greatest passions will come together into one video game? In a recent chat with Videogamer.com , Lego developer Loz Doyle was talking about LEGO Harry Potter due out next May, when asked he declined to comment on rumours about a possible LEGO Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit game however he also refused to rule out they are thinking about making such games.

"I can't say anything about it". But he was willing to discuss the suitability of the Lord of the Rings franchise to the much-loved Traveller's Tales LEGO treatment. It's [Lord of the Rings] got three films - well, plus one if you add The Hobbit. It's got a lot of cool characters. It could definitely work. There are very few things that wouldn't work, don't you think? There is an age limit, and Lord of the Rings is aimed younger in terms of appropriateness. So in that respect they work. Yeah, it would definitely work." ( Videogamer.com)

It remains to be seen if The Lord of the Rings can be translated into LEGO, the story is very dark and complex in places and not sure would suit very young audiences that also enjoy Lego video games - The Hobbit however is less complicated and its a different matter, it would probably make a fantastic LEGO game considering the richness of characters and events in the book. 'One Brick to Rule Them All' ? 'The Lord of the Bricks' ? Yes, please :)

(source: Videogamer.com)