18 Feb 2010

Nimrodel and Amroth

Very little is known about the love story between the Elven maid Nimrodel and the last Silvan Elf-lord of Lórinand (Lorien).Nimrodel lived near the same stream that bares her name, she was beautiful and fair and Amroth was in love with her.The Dwarves lived in peace in Moria, and it was a time of happiness and prosperity for the Elves of Lorien but evil was approaching. The Orcs fought the Dwarves out of their underground town and took control of Moria and Nimrodel was forced to seek refuge to the South in haste. When Amroth noticed she was missing he went on her trail and did find his lover in the Fangorn Forest. Amroth asked her to marry him and she accepted but at one condition - that he would find a place where they would not fear death and where they could love each other and be happy undisturbed. Amroth knew of such place, far into the West, beyond the Sundering Seas. They walked to the Bay of Belfalas but when Amroth arrived there he realized Nimrodel was not following him and was no where to be seen. He looked for her but could not find her, so he decided to head south across the sea in the hope she would do the same. When he reached his destination he waited for her on his ship, but she did not come. Summer passed and by the end of Autumn a terrible storm broke the anchor and the ship went adrift . Amroth run out of his cabin and in the distance he could see the shores of Middle-Earth into the East into the raging storm. Desperate for his lost lover Amroth screamed her name for a last time before jumping into the sea. He was last seen swimming towards the shores of Middle-Earth . Ninrodel was never seen again and Amroth was lost at sea.