22 Feb 2010

One Apple A Day....- A Hobbit Story

-One Apple A Day Keeps The Rascals Away -

A small three-hobbits theatrical performance by Lina Willowwood, Simbo Rumblebelly and Patula

Once Upon a Time there was a farmer that was sick and tired of young hobbits stealing her juicy and crunchy red apples - after some pondering the farmer asked for advice from a hobbit friend called Simbo who suggested the best way to keep the apples safe was to use a Goat to guard the apple-patch -the farmer was curios:" goats are usually peaceful creatures why would THIS guarding Goat be scaring the younglings hobbities ?" - Simbo confessed : " Oh, I've been mean to the Goat; treat it quite bad, to make it good for guarding apples." So the pair agreed to use the mean Goat to guard the apple patch but they did not realized a young hobbit called Lina was hiding behind a tree, listening to their conversation. The young hobbit Lina was a very clever so and so - she came up with an alternative plan to trick the farmer and her friend - "Oh deary me....Oh deary me...a Goat is eating all the flowers in your garden - run fast if you want to save some!" the young hobbit yelled - Simbo and the farmer Petula run to the garden leaving the apples unprotected, and while they were trying to save the flowers Lina was able to fill her bag with many crunchy apples. The two hobbits came back and were confused as there was no Goat eating their flowers but they noticed the apples missing - " Bad bad young hobbities , little rascals got our apples again..." - Lina had one more up her sleeves - "Oh deary me...Oh deary me...A Goat is eating all your vegetables in the field- run fast if you want to save some!" the young hobbit yelled - Again Simbo and the farmer Patula run to the fields leaving the apples free to be taken, and so clever Lina filled her bag with more juicy apples. The two hobbits came back, once more they were been tricked and now all the apples were gone. Simbo and farmer Patula were very angry and promised to take revenge on the young rascal Lina, but as they were doing so the young hobbit walked to the apple-patch with the Goat that Simbo and Patula were planning to use to guard the apples. The Goat started charging Simbo and Patula and made them run for dear life while Lina was left smiling and eating a nice red apple. The morale of this tale is simple : Do not be mean and do not be greedy (to hobbities or goats) as it will do you no good. Share and remember One Apple A Day Keeps The Rascals Away :)

Just a 'hobbitish' evening in my favourite game. All credits for this very nice hobbit story must be given to Patula, Simbo and Lina for writing and staring in the performance - The evening was a huge success and the music and drinks were nice too....