23 Feb 2010

One Man Lord of the Rings - A man and his talent in Middle-Earth

I love the richness of the Tolkien's books and the incredible detailed cinematic version of Middle-earth by Peter Jackson. Tolkien's ability to transform words into images is renowned - Peter Jackson's craftsmanship to translate Tolkien's images on a movie screen is almost phenomenal....and then there was ONE man in black , he has no props, no costumes, no music...only his voice on a simple stage, his name is Charles Ross. I just came home after spending an evening at the theatre where Ross performed his One Man Lord of the Rings show in front of a small audience because its only Tuesday , people tend to stay home during the week. As Charles put it , the best people were sitting in the audience though, and it did feel like that to me.
It must be said that this is a performance that is clearly aimed at people that have read the book and/or see P.J.'s movies, its one for the fans really. Charles Ross's talent and his clever use of his voice and his body will transport you inside the movies by cleverly selecting key moments from the films. 178 minutes of The Fellowship of the Ring are cut down to a very enjoyable 20 minutes - more like little appetizers instead of a full meal but not less tasty. Second part covering The Two Towers is seriously packed with action and so its the final instalment in The Return of the King- Charles Ross does switch between characters at an incredible speed and yet they are all recognizable thanks to the use of his voice and body language - he plays over 40 different roles in the whole performance (Gollum/Sameagol, Gandalf and Sam definitely my favourites ). Watching him re-enact the battles scenes is really exciting ; childhood 'let's pretend' games came to mind , we all did it, we played with friends or alone, recreating stories and adventures. The performance is not only a clever portrayal on The Lord of the Rings, its also funny thanks to several little jokes and small references Charles uses at specific points.

His passion and dedication do clearly shine through- this is a performance that every Lord of the Rings fan should go and see because it gives an other take and a different perspective on a much-loved story and because in his little way, Charles does what Tolkien did first - he uses his words to help the audience to recreate a whole world in their imagination. It was not always easy, Charles had to go through a long legal process to obtain permission to perform his show. I am glad he did because I think it was worth it. Sitting in the audience tonight and listening to him thanking us for coming I was about to shout at him "You must do One Man The Hobbit next Charles...." I didn't (thanks to my hobbitish shyness) but I'll do it here and now :)

One Man Lord of the Rings Website (dates and infos)

Go and see it!