25 Feb 2010

The Short and Long of It - Happy Birthday Sean Astin !

Dear Sean 'Sam Gamgee' Astin,
Samwise Gamgee personifies decency, simplicity, honesty and loyalty, he is the 'ultimate hobbit' you are (and forever will be) Sam. You brought him to life, created a character that is not scared to cry and show his feelings . You understood that hobbits are not meant to be just funny little people but they are 'real' in Tolkien's mind and in the eyes of the readers of his books. You did what was expected from you and more, you became a hobbit and, like Sam, you went on an emotional journey that I am sure has left you with many special memories. Your true heart and your talent do not only show in the Trilogy but also in a short movie you decided to make in Wellington when on the set of The Fellowship of the Ring. I adore this little cameo production that involved many of your fellow Lord of the Rings actors/friends . Smile stealing, heart warming story from a true hobbit.

Happy Birthday Sean 'Samwise Gamgee' Astin and Thank You :)

With Affection from Once Upon A Hobbit

The Short and Long of It - A Film Made With Love by Sean Astin (read the credits)