10 Feb 2010

Wayne Barlowe on his art and and on how The Hobbit will take our breath away

To some the name may sound unfamiliar but Wayne Barlowe, science fiction and fantasy painter, has just revealed a few juicy clues about what we can expect in The Hobbits movies in an interview about his latest projects with pastemagazine.com. Having worked with director Guillermo Del Toro in the past on the concept art for Hellboy, he has recently spent some time in New Zealand together with Richard Taylor of the Weta Workshop , John Howe and Alan Lee, working on the concept art for The Hobbit.

Paste Magazine: What can you tell us about your current project The Hobbit that won't get you sued and/or tossed in prison for the rest of your natural life?
Barlowe: (laughs) I only wish it were my project! And there is my unnatural life to consider, too! I can only tell you this: I had the time of my life during my summer in New Zealand working, once again, with the great director Guillermo Del Toro, Richard Taylor and his incomparable company, Weta, John Howe and Alan Lee. Together, they will make the two Hobbit movies into something that fans of the three preceding movies will love and appreciate. From what I have done and seen, the movies will more than satisfy Tolkien fans, fans of those original Peter Jackson movies and fans of GDT. Be prepared for a richness and density of world-building that will take your breath away. (read more here)

This is probably one of the best pieces of news about The Hobbit to come out recently . There are so many little clues and hints on what we can expect to see. Having just seen The Hobbit on stage, I am excited about Wayne Barlowe's involvement in the project for The Hobbit is a treasure-chest of monsters and beasts of all sorts. Knowing Guillermo Del Toro's imagination and his very particular style, together with all these elements and great artists and minds combined , we can expect a unique and breath-taking experience.