15 Mar 2010

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter ... - True or False Lord of the Rings Movie Memorabilia ?

"All that is gold does not glitter..." very wise words from Professor Tolkien that somehow seem to fit perfectly with the controversy surrounding the world's largest collections of Lord of the Rings movie's memorabilia owned by American Troika Brodsky. The New Zealand Herald (nzherald.co.nz) is reporting the Peter Jackson's production company has cast doubt on the authenticity of this memorabilia collection . Mr Brodsky had spent some remarkable sums of money on items such as Gimli's axe and Eowyn and Aragorn's swords, but his most expensive item was Frodo's sword Sting that was sold to him for $50,000. Brodsk claims he did check the authenticity of the items however Peter Jackson's representative questioned this claim and added that there is a good chance the items in question are not the original props from The Lord of the Rings's Trilogy. The original items used in the movies were given as gifts to the cast and I personally believe all the items in question are safely stored in the respective actors/actresses's safes as they are indeed priceless for them. Would Elijah Wood ever sell One Ring or Sting ? I do not think so. There is a market for this kind of memorabilia and this is why several very well crafted copies have been circulating all over the world with claims of authenticity attached to them. I think its good for Peter Jackson's Company to share some insight and light on this matter because its not nice when fans are defrauded of large sums on money by unscrupulous people. If I was lucky enough to had been given one original prop from The Lord or the Rings I would treasure it for the rest of my life, money cannot buy everything and reduce actor's memories and treasures is cold and heartless business. Brodsky is now advertising in New Zealand papers for items and props from the upcoming The Hobbit....even if the movie is not yet in production - at the end of the day its his money and he can do whatever he want with it but I am glad Peter Jackson's stepped in to avoid genuine fans been taken for a ride by individuals that only want to make money, Professor Tolkien words do come to mind "All that is gold does not glitter..."

(source : nzherald.co.nz)