17 Mar 2010

The Hobbit in 3D - Bilbo's 'Roundness' In Glorious 3D

And so it has started ! The 3D revolution is coming to Middle-Earth and it is now almost certain that The Hobbit will be filmed using this latest technology stuff.co.nz is reporting. It must be added that Peter Jackson's spokesman has not confirmed the 3D plans but voices in the background are getting stronger and speculations are growing. In all fairness after the huge success of Avatar and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland this move is not unexpected however as I said before I am not personally convinced. Apparently the 3D plans are one of the reasons why filming was delayed but hopefully everything is almost 'good-to-go' . If all goes according to plan (and Gandalf...) filming is due to start in June or soon after that - if this is true we should expect the cast to be announced fairly soon. Looking forward to that - Stay tuned for more as we get it :)

(source: stuff.co.nz)